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Understanding Why Your Customers Choose You

A Switch interview is a powerful way to understand the reasons why a customer chooses your product or service. This understanding helps you better target your marketing efforts which leads to improved acquisition rates and improve your value proposition, which leads to better activation, retention and referral. Read More

Get Clear About Your Path to Product-Market Fit

You have product-market fit when your product’s value proposition, distribution channels and customer needs are aligned. Using tried and tested tools and techniques, its possible to accelerate your path to fit. Read More

Completely Refresh Your Customer Thinking in Four Hours

We talk to four founders of high growth tech companies who share their experience of developing value propositions that lead to great products and happy customers. Read More

How to Align Your Value Proposition With Your Purpose

The best value propositions are aligned with a company's purpose. An authentic culture will naturally align the team around a value proposition. Find out how one of London's top brand and culture agencies thinks about value propositions. Read More

A Useful Definition of a Value Proposition

A value proposition describes how your organisation creates value for your customers. It is not your product or services per-se, but rather the combination of customer problems solved and value created. Read More

Fundraising Tips from an Industry Insider

Forward Partners' CEO, Nic Brisbourne emphasises the need for startups to focus on understanding their customers' frustrations, generating high NPS, great customer reviews and using tools like jobs-to-be-done to get the basics right. Read More