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Helping Episode 1's Product Creators Smash Through Their Ceilings

My mission is to help product creators achieve the impossible, to help founders become unstoppable product leaders, and to help all shareholders realize their ambitions. Starting this November I'll be hosting product clinics for London VC Episode 1, helping their portfolio companies realize their full potential. Read More

Understand and Amplify Peak Experiences

What would the world be like if we could move beyond their own egos, our own sense of selves; if we could feel closer connections to others; if we could forget our own anxieties and limitations? The ability to do this is accessible to everyone - you don't need to take any pills and you don't need to put on any goggles or headsets. I'll explain what peak experiences are, why they are potentially powerful to humanity and how you can experience more. Read More

How to Get Your Message Heard

Whether you're a product manager or an engineer, in finance or sales, being able to tell a good story will help you achieve your goals and get the recognition you deserve. If you feel like your voice is never heard, if you are struggling to explain your vision or sell your product or company, you might need to tell a better story. Read More

What's the right amount of ownership for startup product managers to have?

Founders and investors want their product teams to build the product, quickly, before the money runs out. But professional product management says otherwise - what about customer discovery, what about testing our hypotheses? To get your product moving in the right direction, its never too early to give real ownership to your product managers. Read More

How to Create OKRs That Drive Your Product to Success

OKRs often get confused and derailed by confusion over ownership, the role of founders and management, and confusing project plans and todo lists with key results. Find out how to avoid this confusion below. Read More

Avoid Making These Mistakes With Your OKRs

OKRs can be a great way to deliver brilliant products, but they also bring questions and the potential for stress and confusion. Through hands-on work with product teams and founders, I've learned how to do OKRs the right way. Read More