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Use Agreement Setting to Maximise Your Team's Potential

Agreement setting works really well for groups of all sizes from pairs to a manager and their team members, to full product teams teams. The idea is to collaboratively create a framework for how the group will work together successfully. Read More

How Process Helps Us Attaining Outcomes

The journey or the reward? The outcome or the outputs? The technique or the goal? These are age old questions that raise their heads today as we try to set goals and prioritise our work and our lives. Read More

Product Managers Want You to Trust Them

Product managers want to be happy and fulfilled, they want to make an impact. They expect their leaders to set a clear vision and strategy, then to trust them to execute on it. Read More

How I Think About Motivation

We all know that motivation is important. But where does it come from and how can you develop motivation in yourself and in your teams? What is intrinsic motivation vs extrinsic and what purposes do they serve? Read More

A Model for Decision Making When You're Stuck

Everyone gets stuck. Everyone procrastinates. Making decisions doesn't have to be hard! There's a set of 21 questions you can ask yourself that will shine new light on any dilemma. Read More

What Open-mindedness is and How to Attain It

Open-mindedness leads to greater creativity, resilience and empathy - attributes that are vital to a product leader Read More