30 April 2021

Completely Refresh Your Customer Thinking in Four Hours

Why attending this Product Leadership Workshop can solve your startup’s problems

This is a guest post by Sraddha Sabu, a second-year journalism student at Sheffield University.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why you may not be meeting your market goals, whether or not product-market fit has been achieved, and how to master the game-changing art of value propositions.

The good news is there’s an expert you can reach out to.

A startup founder and chief product officer with 15 years experience founding, scaling and exiting technology business, Nick’s mission today is to help product creators achieve the impossible.

Organisations of the future

When I caught up with Nick, he shared a bit of his vision for the future of work with me:

For Nick, an organization of the future is one in which happy, fulfilled people exceed their wildest ambitions while building products that make the world a better place.

Some ways your startup can benefit from Nick’s services are:

A. Friendly advice: He offers free talks you can sign up to here, with content available on the website.

B. The Master Your Value Proposition workshop: He leads regular product management workshops around finding value and fit. They’re affordable, hands-on events centred around helping your bridge the execution gap and successfully achieve product-market fit, with the main topics being:

  • Understanding your customers
  • Defining your solutions
  • Preparing your value tests
  • Finding fit

The Master Your Value Proposition Workshop

This is what CEOs, product leaders and founders I spoke to have said about the benefits of Nick’s Master Your Value Proposition workshop in overcoming their companies’ challenges.

1. A blend of learning and interactive brainstorm

Kirsty Leckie-Palmer, of One Year No Beer, a company that helps change attitudes towards alcohol by offering challenges, specialized coaching, podcasts and more, attended Nick’s Workshop on 25th March:

“The session was four hours long but it flew by! After kicking off with some introductions and foundational topics, the workshop developed into a blend of learning, interactive brainstorming sessions and more independent breakout work with our colleagues.

Ritesh Singhania, Co-founder and COO of Clear Glass, a company that works to provide transparency in the opaque world of pension funds , helping to strike better deals and retire with a larger pension fund, said:

I think a fantastic thing was that Nick was constantly on top of time management. It was very comprehensive, well delivered and very actionable. There were things that we could take from the workshop that could actually be implemented in our day-to-day business.

2. Actionable information in an interactive manner

Bretton Putter, founder and CEO of Culture Gene, a culture leadership platform that helps define, embed and manage company culture. He is also author of Culture Decks Decoded: Transform your culture into a visible, conscious and tangible asset. He had this to say after attending on 24th March:

“Nick is an excellent workshop facilitator. He covered a lot of ground in the workshop with good energy with the right balance of learning and doing.

In summary, the workshop works.”

Melissa Siah, co -founder of Syntacog, a business supplies and equipment company based in Windsor, attended on 12th March:

“It was an interesting and valuable experience, particularly with a friendly group of other participants. It was engaging and interactive, with questions posed to the room as well as regular time boxes for audience participation in practical exercises.”

“I think what I really liked about the workshop is that it is centred around being more engaging, rather than a delivery mechanism. It was quite interactive – we were asked to work on specific things, discuss within groups, and finally what it did really well was it sort of tied down everything into your final value proposition. SO you can actually see, when you start from a product or value proposition canvas how do you actually derive your value proposition? It was really useful for me and a colleague of mine, to within four hours, actually end up with something we can implement.

“What was promised was what was delivered.”

- Ritesh Singhania

“Nick brought all concepts to life with clear, real-life business examples, and, during the breakout sessions, gave participants just the right amount of gentle encouragement and support to arrive at our own answers.”

- Kirsty Leckie-Palmer

3. A completely fresh way of thinking about your customers

My expectations were purely to define our business value proposition, but the workshop was a richer experience than that. We learned about how to stress-test our proposition with value discovery, and techniques for asking the right questions. We also applied jobs-to-be-done theory when creating our canvas, which felt like a completely fresh way of thinking about our products and customers.

Our team was given all the tools they needed to go away and explore these ideas further, including the value proposition canvas, recommended resources and a comprehensive slide deck. “

- Kirsty Leckie-Palmer

We were hoping for clarity on our product’s value proposition and we got that in spades. It helped us to really understand the importance of understanding the value proposition from the angle of the customer and jobs to be done. Since we attended the workshop my co-founder and I have used Nick’s teachings to really focus down on areas of our product that we had overlooked or not thought of as important. Starting from jobs to be done and moving through pains and gains to ultimately develop a number of strong value propositions we can test has been incredibly valuable. I highly recommend it.”

- Bretton Putter

We were hoping to implement it internally within our team or externally with clients. One of the immediate actions we took was we ran internally a similar workshop for team members for them to also go through the journey – to focus on a product-centric approach rather than service-centric one. We’ve started to interact more with our clients this way.

- Ritesh Singhania

“I was expecting a refresher of techniques that I already knew for developing customer value propositions. In actual fact, the content of the workshop expanded my knowledge significantly – particularly in terms of how to use the value proposition canvas. This has been very valuable for my startup, which is currently focusing on product-market fit and whether (and if so, in which direction) we need to pivot.

Given this, I’m very much looking forward to attending future workshops.” -

- Melissa Siah

Experience a workshop for yourself

Whether you’re an experienced corporate looking for refreshers and new perspectives, or an upcoming startup founder who needs free or affordable support from an expert, Nick Black’s workshops could be the answer or spark you’re looking for to take your company where it deserves to be.

Do sign up for free talks here. And browse options for paid workshops here.

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