19 October 2020

Helping Episode 1's Product Creators Smash Through Their Ceilings

Since I stepped down as president of CloudMade in September I’ve been working with startups in the UK, France, Eastern Europe, and California, helping them design, tune and scale their product organisations.

My mission is to help product creators achieve the impossible, to help founders become unstoppable product leaders, and to help all shareholders realize their ambitions. A cornerstone of my approach is a belief that the founders and investors that focus on building product cultures that empower their teams will succeed in delivering market-leading products and attaining hitting their valuation targets.

By working with investors, founders and product managers, I help product managers smash through their own ceilings, I help founders turn their vision into reality, and I help investors get more of their products to product-market fit and onwards to market dominance and beyond.

Chief Product Officer in Residence with Episode 2

From November I will be hosting product clinics with London based Seed stage VC, Episode 1, as their chief product office in residence. The sessions are open to all Episode 1 portfolio companies, who can sign up here.

What’s Next

Founders who want to get your product vision heard by your team

Founders and investors who want to build a product culture that serves you from product-market fit through to acquisition / IPO

Get in touch to find out more.

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