How Nick Black Helped the Pet Wellness Startup Define Their Vision and Prioritize Growth



Scooch is a rapidly growing startup in the pet health and wellness industry, aiming to provide delightful products and services to pet parents. As the company entered a crucial phase in its development, Baris, the Founder and CEO of Scooch, sought the help of Nick Black, an experienced consultant in leading product and tech teams.


Before working with Nick, Baris had developed a product without conducting customer interviews and following a structured approach. He had a vision for a product that he thought would be great, but it wasn’t based on customer needs and interviews, leading to a less structured process.

In his new business, Baris wanted to make bigger bets, so he needed to have extreme confidence in his strategy. He sought someone with experience leading product and tech teams who could help him organize his thoughts, create a roadmap, and establish clear goals.

Goals and Objectives

Baris’ main objectives for working with Nick were:

  • Gaining clarity on Scooch’s vision and direction
  • Identifying and prioritizing the most critical next steps for the company
  • Aligning the team and stakeholders around a customer delight-centric north star metric


Nick conducted two half-day workshops with Baris and the Scooch team to address the company’s needs. The workshops involved in-depth discussions, brainstorming sessions, and the use of various tools and frameworks to help the team identify their vision, prioritize next steps, and establish a north star metric.


The collaboration with Nick led to several positive outcomes for Scooch:

  • Clarity on the company’s vision, allowing the team to focus on the right priorities and use limited resources effectively
  • Identification of the most important next steps to move the business forward
  • Introduction of a customer delight-centric north star metric, leading to improved alignment within the team and stakeholders
  • Insights into building defensibility and hard-to-copy advantages, which increased investor interest and contributed to securing investment

Lessons Learned and Key Takeaways**

Working with Nick provided Scooch valuable insights and takeaways for the company’s future growth:

  • The importance of having a clear vision and establishing a customer delight-centric north star metric for efficient decision-making and alignment
  • Identifying the most important next steps to maximize the impact of limited resources
  • Building defensibility and hard-to-copy advantages to stand out in a competitive market and attract investors

Scooch’s experience showcases the value of Nick Black’s expertise in guiding startups through critical stages of growth, providing strategic direction and helping them secure investment to fuel their success.