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Get your team thinking commercially

Five easy-to-use, proven models that help startup teams think and act commercially.

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“These models were quick to use and got my product managers asking questions about our business and strategy that I've never heard them ask before.”
Taras Bublyk
Head of Product and Design, Transcenda
Taras Bublyk

Founder problems answered by this guide

My team doesn’t think commercially

Make it simple. This guide breaks down commercial thinking into identifying customer problems, deciding on business models, and assessing risks and paths to success.

My team isn’t focused on business needs

Learn how to collaborate with your team to define your customers’ needs, your revenue streams, channels to market, and growth opportunities.

My team doesn’t understand our customers

Discover two tried and tested models to help startup teams get inside your customers’ heads and truly understand their problems.

My product managers don’t get the strategy

Learn how to define a customer-centric north star metric that aligns your team behind a strategy for growth.

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Assess your team's commercial thinking skills

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How to identify your key business risks

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About the author...

Nick's an experienced founder and CPO

Nick Black

Nick's an experienced founder and CPO

Between 2007 and 2020 I took my startup from 2 to 150 people.

As I grew my product team from zero to twenty product managers, designers, and researchers, I struggled to find product managers who were technically strong and commercially savvy.

After months of dead-ends, I hit upon a series of repeatable models that unlocked my team’s commercial thinking ability. Hope you enjoy!