Product Stragey, AI and Startup Scaling

As a seasoned product leader, founder, and advisor with over 14 years of experience building AI products, I’m passionate about sharing insights on the future of AI and scaling tech organizations with diverse audiences.

I’ve had the privilege of engaging with senior leaders, product managers, and tech communities on the evolving role of AI in product strategy and the challenges of scaling teams in both startups and established companies.

Keynote: Product Strategy and AI

This keynote explores the transformative impact of AI on product strategy - which I define as the pursuite of long-term profitability and growth through the means of product innovation. It’s designed for leaders looking to integrate AI into their solutions, enhance existing products with AI capabilities, or leverage AI for strategic advantage.

Upcomming Engagements

Past Engagements

  • Tata Consulting Services (TCS): Discussed AI strategy with key decision-makers.
  • Mindstone AI: Shared insights with a community of 2,000+ AI enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Product Tank: Engaged with a global network of product managers on AI product strategy.
  • London CTOs: Explored AI’s potential and practical integration approaches with 50+ top CTOs.
  • GP Bullhound: Shared insights relating to AI growth strategies with GP Bullhound’s LPs and portfolio

Nick GP BullhoundPanel

Workshop: Scaling Technology Startups

This interactive workshop focuses on the critical aspects of scaling tech teams, providing actionable strategies for managing growth, culture, and operations. It’s relevant for leaders in startups and established companies looking to scale their teams effectively.

Recent Engagements:

  • Nordic Capital: Offered scaling strategies to Europe’s largest tech fund for their portfolio companies.
  • Boardwave: Shared best practices with 1,200+ tech leaders and investors, emphasizing the importance of structure and culture in scaling efforts.

These engagements have allowed me to share my knowledge and learn from innovative minds across industries. I look forward to continuing these conversations and exploring new opportunities to speak and collaborate.

Event organizers: Please feel free to contact me to discuss potential speaking engagements.