Scale Without the Pain

Hello! I’m Nick, a tech founder and chief product officer living in London. Between 2007 and 2020, I took my first startup, CloudMade, from an idea to a reality and onto scale-up and exit.

Today, I join forces with visionary founders of Series A+ companies, guiding them in their mission to scale themselves and scale their business.

I’ve worked magic with earned wage access startup Rain, helping them amplify their product and engineering teams on the path to a $116M Series A funding. I coach the founders of AgencyAnalytics as they scale beyond 100 employees and 5,000 customers, and I’m an advisor to some of Europe’s largest private equity fund, Nordic Capital’s fastest-growing portfolio companies.

The Scaling Enigma

Truth be told, the scrappiness, technical brilliance, and customer instincts that secure product-market fit must evolve into strategy, leadership, and communication skills if a founder and her startup is scale successfully.

As startups grow, founders are often caught in a paradox - less time for hands-on work, and even less for nurturing the bigger picture, the vision, the why. This often leads founders to feel:

  1. Disappointed when high-stake hires don’t deliver on their vision
  2. Frustrated communicating their vision to their ever-growing teams
  3. Overloaded by a deluge of priorities, meetings, and team messages

With a finite 18-24 months’ runway post-fundraise, the successful hiring and integration of a senior leader yields a transformative impact on the next round’s valuation.

Product leaders and their teams must maintain a laser-sharp focus to quickly deliver impactful products that lead to revenue growth. Sales leaders require crystal clarity on goals and messaging if they’re to tripple their revenues each year.

And founders who falter in scaling themselves risk burning out, dampening team morale, and depressing future valuations.

Unleash Your Potential. Propel Your Startup.

Founders need to elevate themselves and accelerate their startups.

Self-scaling is about leadership, communication, and a transformative mindset. I engage one-on-one with founders, using executive coaching techniques grounded in neuroscience and my firsthand experience as a founder to empower their mindset shift.

Startup scaling is about crafting alignment between the founder’s vision, the company, product, go-to-market strategy, and execution. I facilitate high-impact workshops with senior-leadership team members that unlock clarity, speed, and agility. Workshop themes range from product vision, go-to-market planning, growth model mapping, OKRs, and beyond.

Should We Work Together?

I collaborate with a small number of ambitious founders who are building a product-first company in the B2B space and are somewhere along the scaling journey, between 25-150 people.

If you’re one of these visionaries seeking guidance, please reach out. Let’s build something magical together.