Scale Without the Pain

Hello! I’m Nick, an experienced deep tech founder and chief product officer based in London. I help early-stage deep tech founders find product-market fit and guide later-stage founders in scaling their product and go-to-market organizations.

As the co-founder of automotive AI platform CloudMade, I took the company from idea to scale-up and ultimately to acquisition by global car maker Stellantis. This experience, combined with my background in product and sales, allows me to provide unique insights and support to deep tech founders.

For early-stage founders, I help navigate the complex journey of finding product-market fit. I’m a mentor to Deep Tech Lab and Intel Ignite - two of the UK’s leading deep tech startup accelerators.

With Series A-C founders, I focus on helping you scale your product and go-to-market teams efficiently. I’ve assisted startups like Rain in building out their product and engineering teams, setting them up for success on the path to a $116M Series A funding. I’m an advisor to some of Nordic Capital’s fastest-growing portfolio companies.

Nick on laptop

Scaling is Hard

As startups grow, founders often feel:

  1. Disappointed when high-stake hires don’t deliver on their vision
  2. Frustrated communicating their vision to their ever-growing teams
  3. Overloaded by a deluge of priorities, meetings, and team messages

I Help Founders

I join founders as an advisor or interim/fractional chief product officer, helping them:

  1. Find Fit by guiding early-stage founders through tactics to secure their first repeatable customers.
  2. Build a Team by advising on team structure and key hires.
  3. Go Big by helping ambitious founders build and execute highly-competitive product strategies.

Should We Work Together?

I collaborate with ambitious B2B founders who are scaling from Seed to Series B (0-£15M revenue).

If you’re seeking guidance, please reach out. Let’s build something big together.