Founder, Coach, Parent and Friend

I’m a technology entrepreneur, leadership coach, friend and parent living in London. I spent 15 years between 2005 and 2020 taking CloudMade from an idea through three rounds of VC funding, three major pivots, one acquisition by a French CAC40, and onto to growth.

I sit on the board of CloudMade, I help startups build scalable product organisations, I mentor a handful of talented founders and I try to spend a lot of time with my family. I’m also learning to speak French, I’m a trained (ICF) performance coach, a decent snowboarder and a bad surfer.

My values include seeking out and creating meaningful connections, exploring myself and my environment and the creation and appreciation of true beauty.

Product management coaching

I help founders and product managers in startups (5-150 people) get product right and avoid mistakes that lead to slow velocity, failure to get to product-market fit, failure to scale. I use coaching techniques to build confidence and awareness within founders and product managers and I use 15 years operational experience to help them avoid painful, costly mistakes that they don’t need to make. Find out more here.

Leadership coaching

I work one on one with a really small number of high potential founders, CEOs and CPOs in the making, to help them achieve their full potential. I use coaching techniques to help leaders develop empathy, to help them clearly visualize their goals, to find meaning and purpose in their and their teams’ work and to help them turn their visions into reality.

Board participation

I sit on the board of CloudMade as a non-exec and on the advisory board of ReJoule. I am always happy to talk to founders looking to add product leaders with recent operational experience to their boards.

Please get in touch if you’re a founder, product manager, board member or investor and you think I can help.