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Get your product managers thinking commercially

Expert-level training for product teams who want to learn how to make commercial and product decisions based on customer data.

Learn how to avoid the customer interview mistakes that hold teams back.

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Kristina Philipp, Head of Product, XDesign

“We now talk to customers every week. We’re making better decisions, faster because we understand what our customers really want.”

Kristina Philipp, Head of Product, XDesign

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You'll lean how to...

Retain and convert customers

I’ll show you the proven interview and data analysis techniques that leading product teams use to identify the drivers of retention and churn.

We’ll work together to identify and validate product features that reduce churn and increase retention.

Launch features customers really want

Many talented technical product managers and designers lack the skills and confidence to make commercial decisions.

We’ll work through core skills and decision-making frameworks that give your team everything they need to think commercially.

Retain and convert more customers

I’ll show you how to use analytics and interview data to identify the features that customers really love. We’ll set metrics that focus your team on the things that really matter for your customers.

Book - Customer interview techniques for product teams
“The fear of interviewing has completely gone away”
Kristina Philip
Head of Product, xDesign

Proven customer interview techniques

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How it works

Nick brings 15 years of experience as a chief product officer, leading customer discovery inside startups and agencies. Each workshop is highly engaging, interactive and thought-provoking.

The sessions work like this:

  • 2-hour interactive workshop using Zoom and Miro
  • 1-hour coaching session
  • Homework assigned after each session
  • Group accountability check-ins before each session

What we cover

💼 What Customers Really Want

Use proven customer interview techniques to quickly and accurately uncover customers true needs.

🗣 How to Interview Customers

What questions to ask customers, what not to ask and how to know if an interviewing is going well.

🧭 Working With Needs Maps

Use fast, reliable, low-cost surveys to validate customer needs, before investing in expensive product features.

🛤 Switch Interviews and Customer Journeys

Increase conversion rates by understanding and influencing their buying behaviour.

✅ Interview-Based Validation Techniques

Use low-cost customer interviews to validate product ideas before committing to build.

💡  Building Hypotheses

Creating hypotheses for product validation and testing.

🧫 Designing and Running Tests

Design and run experiments to validate hypotheses and assumptions.

💰 Business Models

Quickly prototype business models and identify key risks and assumptions.

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  • Hands on workshops.
  • Weekly coaching sessions.
  • Q&A with Nick over Slack and email throughout the course.

Pay as you go

Choose the modules you need….

  • Company Goals
  • Nailing Positioning
  • North Star Metric
  • Growth Metrics
  • Retention Metrics
  • Product Vision
  • Running Experiments
Priced per module

Customer Interviews

Build skills and confidence to uncover customers’ real needs

  • What Customers Really Want
  • How to Interview Customers
  • Working With Needs Maps
  • Switch Interviews and Customer Journeys
  • Interview-Based Validation Techniques

Hypothesis Based Validation

Get your product teams ready for hypothesis-based validation

  • Building Hypotheses
  • Designing and Running Tests
  • Experiment Backlogs
  • Business Models

Avoid the mistakes that slow startups down.

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Nick’s an experienced founder and chief product officer who helps product teams find their focus.

Between 2007 and 2020, he took his startup through three rounds of venture funding, three product pivots, one exit and onto growth.

Nick’s led product management, design, sales and marketing organisations from zero revenue through to exit.

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